Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks occur at a rate of 1.7 million per day, or 19 per second. The first half of 2022 recorded 236.7 million attacks globally. By 2031, the yearly cost to ransomware victims is expected to reach $265 billion USD.

Cyber Threats

82% of the cyber threats occur due to the human element through issues like small errors and social engineering where phishing attacks are common threat and more damaging.

Cyber Breach

The average cost of a cyber breach in the year 2022 was $4.35 million, which is predicted to rise nearly around $10.5 trillion by 2025.

Filling the gaps

We strengthen your current security programme and generate a level of security needed by your business from the evolving

cyber-attacks through our services called


SETU: The Bridge

Sound Research

Working dedicatedly to predict the future cyber-attacks in order to enhance and build our security solutions better


Well-rehearsed with the knowledge of the changing cyber threats

Tactful Threat Handling

Protect your business from cyber threats through our security assessments, compliance, and risk advisory services

Ultimate Product Solutions

Fight with these complicated cyber-attacks by installing product solutions aligned with your business requirements

Sound Research

Ducara pioneers the battle against evolving organized cybercrime, leveraging cutting-edge research and innovation to fortify cyberspace in India and beyond. Our visionary platform, Ducara Research and Publication, bridges the gap between security, business, and the limitless potential of growth and innovation

Our Areas of Research



Our Effective Delivery Methods, Trends and Technology helps to soak Customer Requirements and their exact needs. 

The goal is to provide security in totality, which ensures that every possible facet of an information threat is covered during our engagement.

Training services that are designed to meet the unique needs of the businesses

Industry Recognized Certification Trainings

We provide industry recognized certification trainings like – GSEC, CPTE, CompTIA Security+, CISA, CISM, CISSP, etc.

Ducara Specialized Certifications

Get trending with our exclusive range of certifications designed for you consisting social engineering, cloud security, identity and access management, specific security tools like - Wireshark, Nessus, Nmap etc.

Tactful Threat Handling

We deliver comprehensive cyber security assessments, privacy & compliance implementation consultation and audit, cyber risk advisory, digital forensics for a variety of targets.

Audit and Assurance

Our team offers comprehensive cybersecurity assessments to help you identify potential risks and vulnerabilities, and develop strategies to mitigate them.

“Get a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment Today”

Privacy and Compliance

Our privacy and compliance solutions are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you stay compliant with regulatory requirements and protect sensitive data. 

“Stay Compliant with Customized Privacy Solutions”

Cyber Risk Advisory

Our risk advisory services provide you with actionable insights and recommendations to help you make informed decisions and mitigate risks. 

“Make Informed Decisions with Our Risk Advisory Services”

Digital Forensic

Our forensic investigations team uses the latest tools and techniques to quickly recover lost or compromised data, and identify the source of the attack. 

“Forensic Investigations for Fast Data Recovery”

Ducara is dedicated to secure the assets of Every client

Having more than a decade of experience, we have built a strong level of trust with each client by
meeting their specific requirements to protect their sensitive information. We offer expert assistance
in cybersecurity training, assessments, privacy and compliance, digital forensics, and cyber risk
advisory, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.

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Here's What Our Awesome Clients Say

Ducara has helped 100+ enterprises and government organizations unlock exponential business value by improving their cyber security efficacy.


Our Credibility

With ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 27001: 2022, ISO 27701: 2019, we assure that we have standardized quality, effective Information Security Management System with a privacy extension  that makes us more reliable and trustworthy for our services and project engagements.