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Data breaches continue to be a major concern. Organizations across various sectors have experienced significant data breaches, resulting in the exposure of personal information. These incidents highlight the ongoing need for robust data protection measures.


Of the Americans are concerned about their privacy when using the Internet


Data breach costs increased from $3.86 million to $4.24 million in 2021, the highest average to date


Of the world’s countries now have data protection and privacy legislation in place

Embrace the power of India's Digital Personal Data Protection Bill

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill is a landmark legislation aimed at enhancing the protection of personal data and empowering individuals to have greater control over their digital identity. It sets forth comprehensive guidelines and regulations for organizations handling personal data, ensuring transparency, consent, and accountability.


Ducara’s dedicated team of experts specializes in guiding individuals and organizations through the complexities of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill. Whether you need assistance understanding your rights, ensuring compliance, or implementing robust data protection measures, we’ve got you covered.

India DPDP

Key Rights under India’s DPDP Bill

The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2023 (DPDP Bill) has been passed in India’s Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha to curb misuse of personal data by online platforms. The bill outlines several key rights for individuals regarding their personal data:

Right to information

Individuals can know how their data is used, why, and by whom.

Right to correction and erasure

Individuals can fix or delete their data if it is wrong or unnecessary.

Right of grievance redressal

Individuals can complain to the DPA or an Adjudicating Officer if their data is misused or their rights are violated.

Right to nominate

Individuals can appoint someone to manage their data if they cannot do it themselves.

Duties of data principals

Individuals must provide true and complete data, avoid misleading information, and follow the bill’s rules when using their rights.


The bill intends to have a broad scope of applicability, covering both domestic and international processing of personal data when it involves individuals in India or the offering of goods/services to individuals in India.

Processing of digital personal data within India: The bill will cover the processing of personal data that is collected online or collected offline and subsequently digitized within India. This means any individual or entity processing personal data within India, regardless of whether it was collected online or offline, would be subject to the provisions of the bill.

Processing of personal data outside India: The bill will also apply to the processing of personal data outside India if it meets certain conditions. Specifically, if the processing of personal data outside India is for offering goods or services to individuals in India or for profiling individuals in India, then such processing will be subject to the provisions of the bill.

Benefits of India’s DPDP Bill

India's DPDP Bill strengthens data protection and establishes comprehensive rules for personal data handling.

It empowers individuals by giving them control over their personal data and emphasizes obtaining explicit consent.

The bill grants individuals’ rights such as access, correction, objection, and the right to be forgotten.

It imposes additional safeguards for sensitive personal data to prevent misuse.

The DPDP Bill includes provisions for local storage and secure cross-border data transfers.

It promotes trust, consumer confidence, and business growth in the digital economy.

The Shielded Path: Ducara's Unique Tailored Approach to India's Digital Personal Data Protection Bill Service

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