Accelerate Your Cybersecurity Career with Ducara: Empowering Professionals for EC-Council Certifications

Ducara offers cybersecurity certification preparation programs you need to get ready for various cybersecurity certifications, offered by EC-Council (International Council of E-Commerce Consultants). We provide a learning format that accommodates your schedule and maximizes your chances of success.


It is estimated that by 2029 cybersecurity will become a $376.32 billion market, making a career in cybersecurity the most thriving path in the world. Keep in mind the increasing demand for qualified security professionals, if you want to pursue a career in the security domain then EC-Council C|EH certification will be the right choice for you. It equipped learners with the knowledge of the fundamentals of hacking, detecting vulnerabilities, and protecting critical data from malicious hackers.

Internationally Renowned Credential

Among courses offered by EC-Council, CEH is globally recognized, extremely popular, and trusted by various Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, and many more.

Comprehensive Knowledge and Expertise

Substantiate your skill set in areas like session hijacking, penetration testing, network security, cryptography, footprinting, system-building firewalls, and more.

Expand your Career Opportunities

With C|EH, you can pursue diverse career paths, including information system auditing, risk management, IT governance, compliance, consulting, etc.

What Skills Will Your Learn?

Master the art of discovering and mitigating vulnerabilities with C|EH certification.


Domain 1: Introduction to Ethical Hacking

Unveil the basic security concepts including hacking methodologies & frameworks, basics of ethical hacking, information security controls, and information security laws, standards, and compliances.


Domain 2: Footprinting and Reconnaissance

Dive deep into the pre-attack phase of ethical hacking with the footprinting concepts, footprinting through search engines, web services & social networking sites, and the footprinting countermeasures & tools.


Domain 3: Scanning Networks

Get a comprehensive understanding of network scanning concepts, network mapping, host discovery, port & service discovery, scanning beyond IDS & Firewalls, networking scanning countermeasures, and get hands-on experience on Nmap.


Domain 4: Vulnerability Assessments

Get a systematic review of vulnerabilities in security infrastructure by understanding concepts of vulnerability assessment, vulnerability classification & assessment types, various tools & techniques, and learn to generate assessment reports.


Domain 5:Malware Threats

Strength your security defense against the latest malware and threats by having in-depth knowledge of malware concepts, APT concepts, viruses & worms, file-less malware, malware analysis, and malware countermeasures.


Domain 7: SQL Injections

Strengthen database security by learning threats to the database, SQL injection concepts, types of SQL injection, evasion techniques, SQL injection methodology & tools, injection detection tools, and SQL injection countermeasures.


Domain 6: Denial - of - Service

Maintain business continuity and workflow with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of denial-of-service attacks, various DoS attack techniques, Distributed Denial- of-Service concepts, and DoS/DDoS countermeasures.

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With the growing cyber threats, data breaches, and other security threats, the globally recognized CHFI certification enhances the skills of IT professionals helping them acquire the knowledge and expertise to collect evidence from digital devices, report the crime, and perform audits to avoid future attacks. It also provides essential expertise to detect, trace, and litigate cyber criminals.

Vendor- neutral Approach

The CHFI certification is vendor-neutral means it offers practical knowledge and skills that can be implemented on any software and hardware configuration.

Comprehensive Knowledge and Skills

Gain in-depth knowledge of threats, identifying threats, forensic investigation, evidence collection reporting, and data recovery techniques.

Applicable to wide range of Industries

Digital forensic investigation is not just restricted to the IT domain, but also applicable to insurance, E-Business, Legal works, the Banking sector, etc.

What Skills Will Your Learn?

Mastering the Art of Interpretation with EC-Council C|HFI Certification.


Domain 1: Introduction to Digital Forensics

Learn the art of performing a structured investigation and maintaining a documented chain of evidence from digital sources like computers, mobile, networks, etc., and determine what happened on the digital devices and who was the convict.


Domain 2: Computer Forensics Investigation Process

Efficiently collect and document digital evidence by understanding the core stages of the forensic investigation process which defines the detection of resources & devices, data acquisition & analysis, and documentation & presentation.


Domain 3: Understanding Hard Disks & File Systems

As the hard disk is the major source for data storage, so for conducting an effective investigation it is crucial to understand how data is sent, arranged, and received to a hard drive partition, data file system concepts, and different file system types.


Domain 4: Data Acquistion and Duplication

Dive deep into the process of data acquisition to access information related to crime or incident, modify your data search through various data acquisition methods, and learn the process of duplication to effectively present the evidence.


Domain 5: Defeating anti-forensics techniques

Get insight into the common anti-forensic techniques used by hackers to cover their tracks or delay the investigation like encryption, program packers, overwriting data, etc., and learn the methods to tackle them.


Domain 7: Network Forensics

Understand the concepts of network protocols, application protocols, and file transfer protocols, examine network traffic, and learn to retrieve data for an investigation like emails, messages, web browser history, and file transfers.


Domain 6: Windows Forensics

Comprehensively understand the process of investigating Windows OS to analyze, recover & authenticate forensic data, track user activity, and arrange data finding for further use in inquiries, internal investigations, criminal/civil litigation, etc.

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To magnify the knowledge about the emerging technological loopholes and identify their impact on your business infrastructure, C|PENT certification helps professionals play an active attacking role in cybersecurity to uncover weaknesses in the organization’s security infrastructure that hackers may exploit.

Master your Pentest Skills

Advance your skills with C|PENT certification which offers knowledge of advanced window attack, exploit writing, bypassing filter network, double pivoting, and more.

Fulfil Expectations of Security Industry

C|PENT equips professionals with cutting-edge communication and technical skills and boosts their confidence to tackle emerging malicious vectors.

Fascinating Career Prospect

Among all IT security career paths, Penetration Tester is the most fascinating. It includes mimicking the hacker actions to infiltrating computer systems to detect and address vulnerabilities and recommend the right measures.

What Skills Will Your Learn?

Expand Your Expertise: Learn the Key Skills for Effective Penetration Testing


Domain 1: Introduction to Penetration Testing and Methodologies

Learn the basic concept of penetration testing, penetration testing service delivery models, types of penetration assessment, penetration testing phases, strategies & methodologies of penetration testing, and ethics of penetration testers.


Domain 2:Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)

In order to gain information about the target learn the techniques to collect information from publicly available sources like websites, conduct OSINT through DNS, Whois lookup, website analysis, DNS zone transfer, etc.


Domain 3: Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Understand the fundamental concepts of social engineering, social engineering penetration testing, testing modes & process, social engineering through email, phishing, eavesdropping, reverse social engineering, and social engineering countermeasures.


Domain 4: Network Penetration Testing

Comprehensively understand the methodology to access the network from the outsider and internal perspective, internal & external network penetration testing process, port scanning, fingerprinting OS, vulnerability assessment, etc.


Domain 5: Web Application Penetration Testing

Find weaknesses within the web application by gaining insight into the concepts of web application penetration testing, security frame, web enumeration, website footprinting, web vulnerability scanning, and testing for web service security.


Domain 7: IoT Penetration Testing

Understand IoT fundamentals, IoT penetration testing procedure, common IoT threats & hacks, attack service mapping, IoT architecture, common IoT vulnerabilities, the process to analyze IoT hardware, IoT testing methodology, and more.


Domain 6: Wireless Penetration Testing

Conduct a penetration test for various components of the wireless network, and learn techniques to discover vulnerabilities in the wireless network, perform denial-of-service attacks, reverse engineering, rapid traffic generation, and DNS spoofing.

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This esteemed certification equipped network administrators to detect what parts of an organization are required to be tested and reviewed for security weaknesses and how to mitigate, avoid, and reduce risks in the network. C|ND comprehensively defines the approach to network security to identify, detect, protect, and respond to threats related to the network.

Specialized Network Security & Defense

C|ND is the only certification in the market that is completely focused on providing network-specific security training and practices.

Vendor- neutral Credential

This certification offers an unbiased approach to learning network practices and thus attests to learner skills in providing network security in any working environment.

Global Recognition and Trust

C|ND is ANSI accredited and DoD approved, thus trusted by governments and organizations around the globe, and ensuring employers of your skills and knowledge.

What Skills Will Your Learn?

Maintain Your Business Continuity, Defend Your Network.


Domain 1: Network Attacks and Defense Strategies

Boost your network security by gaining insight into different types of network attacks like unauthorized access, denial-of-service, escalate privileges, and code & SQL injection attacks, and learn different security strategies to defend against these threats.


Domain 2: Administrative Network Security

Take full control of your security infrastructure by learning network administration responsibilities like designing & implementing network security policies, implementing & configure security software and tools, and detecting network vulnerabilities.


Domain 3: Technical Network Security

Maintain the integrity of the computer network and data by understanding fundamentals of technical network security like access control, authentication methodology, firewall implementation, intrusion prevention system, and threat management system.


Domain 4: Enterprise Cloud Network Security

There is an increase in new cyber-threat opportunities with the rapid adoption of cloud technology. Secure your data in the cloud by understanding the basics of cloud network security, attacks & threats to cloud security, and countermeasures to secure the cloud network.


Domain 5: Administrative Application Securtiy

Prevent unauthorized access to your network by learning the concepts of application security, threats to application security, common application vulnerabilities, types of application security, and application security controls & testing.


Domain 7: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Learn how network interruption affects the business working, the fundamentals of the business continuity plan, business continuity lifecycle, business impact analysis, crisis management, recovery plan, and recovery tools.


Domain 6: Network Traffic Monitoring & Analysis

Keep a close eye on your network perimeter by analyzing the network activities. Learn the techniques of network monitoring, identifying anomalies, traffic flow analysis, data exfiltration, traffic monitoring tools, and more.

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Cloud-based infrastructure is a new trend in the IT industry, and so is cloud-based security. The EC- Council C|CSE certification is specially designed to help IT professionals to identify, investigate, and mitigate any suspicious vector in the cloud infrastructure.

Learn Through Detailed Methodological Approach

C|CSE certification equipped learners with hands-on experience on how to build & implement security policies to secure cloud infrastructure.

Vendor-Neutral & Vendor- Specific Concepts

C|CSE certification holders are capable to implement cloud security knowledge and skills in any cloud environment and also capable of working with specific cloud service providers like Azure, and AWS.

Equipped Yourself with Cutting- Edge Technical Skills

Gain hands-on experience on cloud security-based real-world scenarios to enhance your experience in cloud configuration and other methodologies essential to secure cloud services and solutions.

What Skills Will Your Learn?

Take control of your cloud security with EC-Council C|CSE Certification.


Introduction to Cloud Security

Gain a comprehensive understanding of cloud computing fundamentals, cloud-based threats & vulnerabilities, cloud service models, shared security responsibility model, the configuration of a secure cloud environment, and security to organizational resources.


Domain 2: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security

Stay Safe and secure in the cloud by gaining an in-depth understanding of key components & technology of cloud architecture, securing multi-tenant, and practices & tools for securing physical data centers and cloud infrastructure.


Domain 3: Application Security in the Cloud

Gain into core application security elements, and methods to secure cloud applications, examine secure software development lifecycle, and gain a comprehensive understanding of various application security tools and services.


Domain 4: Penetration Testing in the Clouds

To assess the security of an organization’s cloud infrastructure, learn to implement comprehensive penetration testing, and review the needed services, and tools required for performing penetration testing on platforms like AWS, Azure, etc.


Domain 5: Incident Detection and Response in the Cloud

Add an extra layer of security to your infrastructure by gaining insight into the incident response lifecycle, tools & techniques required to detect and mitigate threats, and understand the incident response features provided by AWS, Azure, and GCP.


Domain 7: Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance in the Cloud

Be compliance ready by learning how to design and implement governance framework in the cloud. Understanding different governance frameworks, regulations, and models like PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc., and defining Azure, GCP, and AWS governance models.


Domain 6: Forensic Investigation in the Cloud

Learn the basics of the forensic investigation process in the cloud, cloud data collection methods, and forensic challenges in the cloud environment, and learn to investigate security incidents with the help of AWS, GCP, and Azure.

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Want to achieve the highest executive levels of information security then you can opt for an industry- leading EC-Council CISO certification which offers a real-world experience of necessary security skills and provide an in-depth understanding of essential components required for leading a successful information system program, like audit management, risk management, etc.

Amplified Career Trajectory

The C|CISO certification serves as a powerful catalyst for professional growth in the realm of information security management.

Enriched Knowledge and Proficiencies

You delve into the intricacies of strategic program development, IS controls, human capital management, governance, audit management, and financial expertise.

Heightened Credibility and Trustworthiness

This esteemed certification attests to your expertise and adherence to the highest professional standards.

What Skills Will Your Learn?

Accelerate Your Leadership Role with EC-Council C|CISO Certification.


Domain 1: Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Get a comprehensive understanding of governance framework, strategy development, legal & regulatory compliances, organizational culture, business ethics, information security governance monitoring framework, etc.


Domain 2: Information Security Controls and Audit Management

Get to know how to detect an organization’s operational process & objectives, learn to create, implement, and maintain information system control, and monitor & test information security controls, and documentation methodology.


Domain 3: Security Program Management & Operations

Learn to fulfill organizations’ security needs by developing and managing project scope statements, monitoring & managing information system program budgets, resolving personnel & teamwork issues, and evaluating project management practices and controls.


Domain 5: Strategic Planning, Finance, Procurement, and Third-Party Management

Build a secure culture in your organization by understanding the business structure, developing an information security strategic plan, creating measurement & metrics, enterprise architecture & its types, monitoring & reporting, etc.


Domain 4: Information Security Core Competencies

Add another layer of security to your infrastructure by gaining an in-depth understanding of access controls, social engineering, phishing attacks, identity theft, physical security, firewalls, wireless security, and incident response & business continuity.

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Despite having all essential security measures, organizations still find it difficult to tackle cybersecurity issues. The EC-Council Incident Handler certification strengthens professionals by offering essential incident handling and responding knowledge & skills to secure the organization and quickly recover the organization’s assets after the incident.

Entrusted by Global Organizations

E|CIH certification is trusted by employers globally. Holding an ECIH certification assures an employer that you have the required knowledge and skill set.

Become a Specialist in Incident Handling

E|CIH equipped professionals with the needed skills-set to effectively tackle the post- breach consequences along with reducing its impact on both finances and the reputation of the business.

Comprehensive Knowledge and Skills

This esteem certification covers the vast concepts of incident handling and helps you to prepare an effective response plan to recover business assets after the incident.

What Skills Will Your Learn?

Incidents can happen, prepare for the worst with E|CIH certification.


Domain 1: Introduction to Incident Handling and Response

Gain a general understanding of incidents that an organization faces like data breaches, malware, etc., and what are general objectives for response plans, learn to identify, analyze, categorize, and mitigate threats.


Domain 2: Incident Handling and Response Process

Get an in-depth understanding of the incident response process, learn the threat/incident identification technique, processes required for containment of the incident, various recovery metrics, and benefits of having an effective incident response plan.


Domain 3: Forensic Readiness and First Response

To effectively handle the processes and procedures in case of breach learn the general concepts of forensic readiness, evidence-gathering techniques, investigation processes, evidence-handling techniques, and effective documenting.


Domain 5: Email Security Handling and Responding

For secure communication within an organization understand the basic of email security, common email security threats, email security policies, the importance of passwords, what are spams, and various tools & techniques to tackle email security threats.


Domain 7: Cloud Security Incident Handling and Responding

Comprehensively understand the cloud services, technologies, policies, and controls. Get an in-depth understanding of various tools and techniques to safeguard cloud infrastructure, applications, and data from emerging threats.


Domain 4: Malware Incidents Handling and Responding

Prevent potential malware attacks on your business or on your own system, gain insight into what is malware, various types of malware, tools and techniques to identify, containment, and mitigate the malware and also learn the recovery process.


Domain 6: Network Security Incident Handling and Responding

Establish a secure network environment by understanding the network concepts, security issues related to the network, how to implement access controls, correct configuration of software & hardware, and policies to keep the network secure.

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Due to the dynamic nature of industrial control systems, many IT support personnel and many engineers, who manage network defense and communication paths, do not fully understand the systems' operational drivers and constraints. ICS/SCADA provides traditional IT personnel with a comprehensive understanding of the control systems design principles to support the industry controls systems in order to assure their integrity and availability.

Globally Recognized Certification

This certification is trusted by employers globally. Holding an ICS/SCADA certification assures an employer that you have the required knowledge and skill set.

Enhance your Career Trajectory

With ICS/SCADA certification get a chance to land a job in critical infrastructure sectors such as manufacturing, defense, energy, transportation, and food.

Understand Core Security Priniciples

This certification helps professionals to gain an in-depth understanding of the core security principles necessary for handling and supporting control systems.

What Skills Will Your Learn?

Power-Up Your Industrial Control Systems Insights: EC-Council ICS/SCADA Certification.


Domain 1: Introduction to ICS/SCADA Network Defense

Understand the common components of industrial control systems, and IT security model concepts, gain insight into the ICS/SCADA model, key elements of security posture, risk assessment in ICS/SCADA, types of risks, and defining security policies.


Domain 2: TCP/IP 101

In this segment, you’ll get an introduction & overview of TCP/IP, concepts of TCP/IP networks, what are internet RFCs & STDs, TCP/IP protocol architecture, protocol layering concepts, TCP/IP layering, components of TCP/IP network, and ICS/SCADA protocols.


Domain 3: Introduction to Hacking

Add an extra layer of security to your industrial systems by gaining insight into the basic concepts of hacking, hacking process & methodology, intelligence gathering, footprinting, enumeration, detecting vulnerabilities, and exploitation.


Domain 4:Vulnerability Management

Comprehensively understand system vulnerabilities, ICS/SCADA vulnerabilities, challenges of vulnerability assessment, interpreting advisory notices, ICS/SCADA vulnerability uniqueness, and challenges of vulnerability management in ICS/SCADA.


Domain 5: Standards and Regulations for Cybersecurity

Maintain a reasonable level of business security by gaining comprehensive insight into various cybersecurity standards and regulations like ISO 27001, ISA99, CFATS, NERC CIP, etc., and understand their relevance & importance.


Domain 7: Intrusion Detection and Prevention System

Get to know what the intrusion detection systems can & cannot do, type of intrusion detection systems, advantages & limitation of intrusion detection systems, process of stealthing the IDS, and prevention procedure.


Domain 6: Securing the ICS Network

Create a secure ICS network environment by understanding each device in your industrial control system, the importance of physical security, establishing policies like ISO roadmap, securing protocols unique to ICS, and selecting & applying controls to mitigate risks.

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Why Ducara?

Fortify Your Future in Cybersecurity – Unleash Your Digital Defender Within

Ducara places great emphasis on industry-recognized certifications, understanding their significance in validating your expertise and boosting your professional credibility.

Ducara places great emphasis on industry-recognized certifications, understanding their significance in validating your expertise and boosting your professional credibility.

Ducara places great emphasis on industry-recognized certifications, understanding their significance in validating your expertise and boosting your professional credibility.

Ducara places great emphasis on industry-recognized certifications, understanding their significance in validating your expertise and boosting your professional credibility.

Ducara places great emphasis on industry-recognized certifications, understanding their significance in validating your expertise and boosting your professional credibility.

Ducara places great emphasis on industry-recognized certifications, understanding their significance in validating your expertise and boosting your professional credibility.

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