Your personal information: treasure for criminals

Identity theft can seem to be an idle threat to you until it happened to you. Do you often think about what others can get from your personal information, then you must re-think and consider the importance of your personal data.

Identity Theft Cases on the Rise: Statistics Show Increase in Fraud

Nicole McCabe’s personal information was stolen by the assassination squad to murder Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai, and without her knowing she became the prime suspect of a murder. This is just an example but from this, you can understand to what extent your information can be used by criminals.


A remarkable 19% surge in fraud complaints was recorded, surpassing 5.8 million for the year


Financial losses from fraudulent activity: unprecedented 77% spike from the previous year, exceeding an astounding $6.1 billion


Consumer identity theft complaints have also risen by 3.3%, exceeding 1.43 million

Protecting Your Identity in the Digital Age

Our Identity Theft Forensic service help to protect your personal identifiable information (PII) like names, location data, cookie data, identification numbers, etc, and sensitive personal information like biometric data, health data, tax records, criminal records, etc.

Our expert forensic investigators use advanced tools and techniques to identify vulnerabilities and potential breaches, and provide ongoing monitoring and education to ensure your personal information is safe. With Ducara, you can have peace of mind knowing that your identity is protected.


Benefits of Identity Theft Forensic

Identification of the source and scope of the theft

Forensic investigation can help to identify how the identity theft occurred, what information was stolen, and the extent of the damage caused by the theft. This information can be used to prevent further harm and protect the victim's identity.

Prevention of future incidents

By identifying the vulnerabilities that led to the identity theft, forensic investigation can help individuals and businesses to improve their security measures and prevent future incidents.

Legal Action and Recovery

Forensic investigation can provide evidence to support legal action against the identity thief and can help victims to recover their losses and damages.

Reputation Management

Help victims to restore their reputation and credibility that may have been damaged by the identity theft. By clearing their name and records, victims can avoid negative consequences such as loss of trust, reduced opportunities, and legal troubles.

Improved Security

Forensic investigation can identify gaps in security measures and provide recommendations for improving security protocols, systems, and procedures, thus reducing the risk of future incidents.

Peace of mind

Knowing that the identity theft has been thoroughly investigated and that steps have been taken to prevent future incidents can provide victims with a greater sense of security and peace of mind.


Ducara’s innovative approach to Identity Theft Forensic Services is a multifaceted solution that encompasses four distinct phases: investigation, recovery, prevention, and legal action.

Your Trusted Partner for Identity Theft Forensic

Ducara is a leading provider of cybersecurity and forensic services, with a track record of excellence in delivering top-notch solutions to businesses and individuals alike.

Ducara boasts a team of highly skilled forensic experts who have years of experience in investigating and resolving identity theft cases.

Ducara’s Identity Theft Forensic Service provides a comprehensive solution that covers investigation, recovery, prevention, and legal action, ensuring that all aspects of identity theft are addressed.

Ducara recognizes that every case is unique and requires a customized approach. Our experts work closely with clients to tailor solutions that meet their specific needs.

Ducara understands the importance of privacy and maintains strict confidentiality in all aspects of our work.

At Ducara, we understand the importance of confidentiality in digital forensic investigations. We take all necessary steps to ensure that our clients’ data and assets are protected, and we follow strict protocols for handling and storing digital evidence.

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Why Ducara?

Don’t let identity thieves get away with it. We’ll help you fight back.

We understand how devastating identity theft can be, and we are here to help you recover and take action against those who stole your identity. At our Identity Theft Forensic service, we are committed to helping you recover from identity theft and protect yourself in the future. Our team of experts has years of experience in forensic investigation and will work tirelessly to provide you with the support and guidance you need.

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