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IAM serves as a shield, ensuring that the right individuals have access to the appropriate resources and data within your organization. Attributed to the ever-growing risk of data loss, insider threats, data leaks, data exposure, and insecure usage, it is estimated that the global market for Identity & Access Management solutions will grow from $13.41 billion to $34.52 billion by 2028.


At Ducara, we fully grasp the urgency of this matter, and we take pride in offering a diverse range of IAM solutions from industry-leading brands. Our aim is to safeguard your network and fortify your organization’s security posture in the face of evolving cyber threats.



Simplify Access Management with IAM: From Identity Management to Reporting, All in One Solution


Manage User Identities

It can act as a sole directory employ to establish, enhance, and remove users. For users who require specialized types of access to an organization’s tools, IAM can also make new identities.


Provisioning and deprovisioning users

Provisioning means granting a user access to a certain level (like administrator, editor, or viewer) or to specific tools. It also includes defining roles and responsibilities and also at the time of crisis retaining access i.e., deprovisioning.


Authenticating Users

Access management confirms that a user is acknowledged with a certain level and type of access to a tool that they're allowed to access.



To ensure compliance and assess security risks for most of the actions that take place on a system (like systems accessed, type of authentication, and login time), IAM tools provide comprehensive reports.


Single Sign-On

Instead of authenticating their identity from many different resources, user can authenticate their identity from a single portal by accessing one of the best features of IAM solutions which is the SSO. Moreover, it eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords.


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Symantec IAM

Symantec IAM is an on-premises IAM solution that enables organizations to manage the
identities and access of their users, devices, applications and data across hybrid cloud


JumpCloud is a cloud-based IAM solution that enables organizations to manage the identities and access of their users, devices, applications and data across any platform, provider or

CyberRes NetIQ

A suite of IAM products that help organizations manage identities and access across physical,
virtual, and cloud environments. CyberRes NetIQ offers solutions for identity governance,
access management, privileged account management, and directory services.

IBM Security Verify

IBM Security Verify is a cloud-based IAM solution that enables organizations to manage the
identities and access of their users, devices, applications and data across hybrid cloud

Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Active Directory provides SSO, MFA, conditional access, passwordless login
and identity protection features to secure user identities and access across any device,
network or location.

Okta Workforce Identity

Okta Workforce Identity provides SSO, MFA, adaptive authentication, passwordless login and device trust features to protect user identities and access across any device, network or



Okta Workforce Identity

Microsoft Azure Active Directory
IBM Security Verify CyberRes NetIQ JumpCloud Symantec IAM

Single Sign- On

Yes Yes Yes No Yes No

Multifactor Authentication

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Identity Governance

Yes Yes Yes Yes No No


Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes

User Provisioning

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Privileged Access Management

No Yes No Yes No Yes


Identify and Access Management (IAM) Solutions have emerged as a robust and comprehensive framework to tackle the intricate challenges of user authentication, authorization, and access control

Financial institutions can leverage IAM Solutions to enforce strict access controls, enable multi-factor authentication, and implement fine-grained authorization policies. By effectively managing user identities, granting appropriate privileges, and monitoring access activities, IAM Solutions mitigate the risk of data breaches, unauthorized transactions, and internal
fraud, bolstering the overall security posture.

IAM Solutions address the unique challenges of healthcare by offering seamless user authentication, ensuring only authorized personnel access critical patient records and systems. Moreover, IAM enables role-based access control (RBAC), allowing healthcare organizations to enforce data privacy regulations such as HIPAA, ensuring that patient information remains confidential and secure.

IAM Solutions offer seamless user authentication and authorization, enabling retailers to implement secure customer login experiences, multi-factor authentication, and personalized access controls. By adopting IAM, e-commerce businesses can fortify their security, protect customer data, and reduce the risk of fraudulent activities.

Government agencies manage extensive networks and systems housing classified information, making IAM Solutions indispensable for safeguarding national security. IAM Solutions enable centralized user management, facilitating the management of thousands of users with varying levels of access privileges.

The manufacturing sector, including critical infrastructure and industrial control systems, relies on robust identity management to ensure operational continuity and prevent unauthorized access. IAM Solutions provide a secure framework to manage user access across manufacturing facilities, ensuring that only authorized employees or contractors can interact with systems, machinery, and sensitive intellectual property.

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