Embracing the Future:
The Importance of Digital Certificates in an IoT and
Cloud-Driven World

With the increasing number of IoT devices and the widespread adoption of cloud-based services, digital certificates have become a necessity for the future.

According to a MarketsandMarkets.com report, the SSL certificate market is expected to experience significant growth, projected to increase from $1.4 billion in 2021 to $2.6 billion by 2025.

At Ducara, we recognize the importance of digital certificates and take pride in offering a diverse range of industry-leading brands’ digital certificates.


Unlock Trust, Embrace Security: Seamless Digital Certification



To prevent security threats and attacks from interrupting and stealing sensitive data, digital certificates employ internal and external encryption of communication channels.



Digital certificates are highly scalable means they are available easily, can be revoked, and can be renewed quickly. It offers the same encryption quality to businesses of all shapes and sizes and can be managed through a centralized platform.



In the age of ever-evolving cyber threats, the cruciality of having digital certificates increases to ensure the authenticity of online communication. It assures that the message is always received by the designated recipient.



Digital certificates are always issued by trusted public Certification Authorities. Having a digital certificate needed rigorous vetting which means the organization using the digital certificate cannot be tricked by attackers or fake organizations.


Public Trust

For confirming whether the website is genuine and for confirming the authenticity of a document or email, digital certificates are highly trusted. It means organizations with digital certificates assure their clients that they are dealing with a genuine company that considers the value of their privacy and security..


Explore the best fit for your business

AppViewX (CERT+)

This is a certificate lifecycle automation solution that helps organizations discover, monitor,
renew, and revoke certificates across their network. It integrates with multiple CAs, devices,
and applications, and provides visibility and control over certificate inventory.

Sectigo (Multi-domain EV)

Sectigo Multi-Domain Extended Validation (EV) certificates are a powerful security solution for businesses seeking top-tier encryption and validation. These certificates provide robust encryption while displaying the prestigious green address bar in web browsers, signifying the highest level of identity verification and trustworthiness to website visitors.

Secure Site Pro

This certificate is a premium option that offers the highest level of encryption and
performance. It supports both RSA and ECC algorithms, which can provide faster and stronger encryption.



Digicert OV Secure Site TLS/SSL Certificate

Digicert EV Secure Site TLS/SSL Certificate
Secure Site Pro Digicert Code Signing Certificates AppViewX (CERT+) Sectigo (Multi- Domain EV)


Organization Validation (OV) Extended Validation (EV) Extended Validation (EV) or Organization Validation (OV) Extended OrganizationValidation (OV) or Extended Validation (EV)depending on thecertificate type chosen by the organization Extended Domain Validation (DV),Organization Validation (OV), orExtended Validation (EV)depending on the certificate type chosen by the organization Extended Extended Validation (EV)


256-bit encryption with RSA and ECC support 256-bit encryption with RSA and ECC support 256-bit encryption with RSA and ECC support, plus PQC toolkit for quantum resistance 256-bit encryption with RSA and ECC support 256-bit encryption with RSA and ECC support, plus PQC toolkit for quantum resistance for some certificate types 256-bit encryption with RSA and ECC support


$1.75 million $1.75 million $2 million $1 million for EV certificates, $0.5 million for OV certificates _ $1.75 million


DigiCert Smart Seal DigiCert Smart Seal with green address bar and company name DigiCert Smart Seal with green address bar and company name for EV, seal-in- search feature for both EV and OV No Seal No Seal No Seal


Digital certificates have emerged as a powerful tool to establish authenticity, secure communications, and protect sensitive data

The finance and banking sector demands ironclad security to protect financial transactions, customer data, and intellectual property. Digital certificate solutions play a vital role in securing online banking platforms, enabling secure communication between financial institutions, verifying the identity of users during transactions, and encrypting sensitive data transfers. They help ensure compliance with regulations such as the PCI DSS and the KYC framework.

With the increasing digitization of healthcare records and the rise of telemedicine, maintaining patient privacy and data integrity is critical. Digital certificates facilitate secure access to electronic medical records, enable secure messaging and communication between healthcare providers, and help authenticate patient identity during telehealth consultations.

Governments and public sector entities handle a vast array of sensitive data, including citizen records, tax information, and classified documents. Digital certificate solutions bolster the security of government websites, authenticate digital signatures on legal documents, facilitate secure communication between government agencies, and ensure the integrity of online voting systems.

In the rapidly growing world of e-commerce, building trust with customers is of utmost importance. Digital certificates are essential for securing online transactions, establishing secure connections between e-commerce platforms and customers, and safeguarding sensitive payment information. They enable the implementation of Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) encryption, visible through the padlock symbol, inspiring confidence in customers and driving sales.

In an era of global supply chains and complex manufacturing processes, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of products and materials is crucial. Digital certificates help establish secure communication between suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors, preventing counterfeit products and guaranteeing the origin and authenticity of goods. They play a vital role in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, automotive, and electronics, where product quality, safety, and traceability are paramount.

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