Where to start?

Discover your next step and knock out the obstacles by getting one step ahead with our interview tips.


01. Groom Your Knowledge

When attending an interview or applying for a job, it is crucial to thoroughly read and understand all the specified requirements and qualifications. Always have a general idea about what the company do. You must be clear about the roles and responsibilities that are to be performed for the job role you are applying for.


02. How to outstand others?

To grab the attention of the employer one must right a cover letter while uploading the documents. A cover letter is an essential part of the job application process that allows you to introduce yourself and explain why you are the perfect fit for the job. 

It should be personalized, highlighting relevant skills and experiences, and expressing enthusiasm for the role and company. A well-written cover letter can help grab the attention of employers and increase your chances of landing an interview.


03. Answer the question using a STAR method

  • Situation – Describe a specific challenge you faced 
  • Task – Explain your role in the situation 
  • Action – Detail the steps you took to overcome the challenge 
  • Result – Explain the results you achieved, including anything you learned

How we hire

A community of well-formed technical experts and who understands the importance of ethics in this changing world, we are trying to build a comfortable net of people who have the same vision, with a quality to immerse as a leader in the future.

Our Hiring Process

  • Initial Step

  • Preliminary Contact

  • Presentation Round

  • Final Interview

  • Outcome Notification

  • Selection Decision

  • Onboarding

Initial Step

Commence the application process online by providing all necessary details. We recommend you to attach 2 PDFs – (1) Your CV and (2) Your Certificates / Cover letter. Subsequently, our recruitment team will receive the forwarded details and reach out to you within a designated timeframe for further proceedings.

Preliminary Contact

This step involves a brief and efficient initial contact with the candidate. Our recruitment team will engage in a phone conversation and ask a predetermined set of questions to clarify aspects of your CV and provide information regarding the position you have applied for.

Presentation Round

During this stage, the candidate will be assigned a topic and expected to deliver a concise and well-structured presentation on that given subject. This assessment is designed to gauge the candidate’s ability to effectively communicate ideas across various topics.

Final Interview

Upon being shortlisted, candidates typically go through a comprehensive and formal interview. This may involve in-depth discussions with a recruiter to explore the job opportunity further or schedule a second interview for a later time.

Outcome Notification

At the conclusion of the recruitment process, our team will evaluate your performance by thoroughly reviewing all documents and interviews. We will then provide you with feedback regarding your application.

Selection Decision

If both parties mutually agree to the contractual framework after discussions, a written confirmation will be sent to you. In the event that we decide not to proceed with your application at this time, please understand that it does not imply a permanent rejection. You are always welcome to apply for future positions.


You are here! Welcome On-Board in our team of technically inclined people! We are delighted to have you with us.


Ducara offers an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic and forward-thinking community. Here, your ideas are valued, your skills are developed, and your career flourishes. 

Are you ready for this thrilling adventure?

Our Credibility

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