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Our Purpose

We’re here to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity and keep your business safe
Ducara Vision

Our Mission

Constructing a Digitally Secure World for Everyone

With the huge amount of information flowing around in this world, where the technology changes at the speed of light, sophisticated threats are forming, creating harmful and interconnected vulnerabilities that expose the sensitive and liable data online through different channels.

We work to build a better, safer, and ethical world, where everyone should be able to grow positively with this technological revolution.

Our Vision

We are here to protect esteemed and valuable assets of the organizations through our well-built services spectrum of cyber risk advisory, consulting, digital forensic, research and product solutions by administrating these new and frequent threats and providing a solution for businesses of every magnitude.

Our Story

In a world grappling with a scarcity of cybersecurity professionals, Ducara emerged as a pioneer. By offering consulting and training services, we equipped clients with the knowledge to safeguard their data. Ducara became a trusted partner of top-notch security products, meticulously researching,
testing, and proposing solutions tailored to clients’ needs. With a focus on research and development, our team work tirelessly to tackle cyber-attacks, leading to better security solutions. Ducara’s commitment to excellence and our unwavering mission to create a safer digital world set us apart, promising a brighter future for cybersecurity.


We are dedicated towards making this digital world a secure place by standing firmly on our ground.

Always striving support our clients by doing the right thing with adequate amount of intellect and honesty.

Ensuring that the benefits of digital security are accessible to all, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Our cyber security solutions and services are customized to understand and fit into unique business requirements.

Understanding the dynamics of the cybercrime and balancing the changes, we adhere to law providing right solutions by enhancing every resource.

We believe in the power of intention and empowerment. Our clients have the potential to safeguard themselves, and we encourage them to recognize their own strengths in digital security.

We believe in the value of teamwork and partnership. We work with our clients, suppliers, regulators, and other stakeholders to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. We also participate in the global cyber security community to contribute to the common good and learn from others.

Our People and Culture

Working with an idea that reflects our culture in our people, the answer to the question “How is Ducara different?” resides in the People of Ducara.

Our Exploration

  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016-18
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023

In 2013, during a critical shortage of cybersecurity professionals with limited knowledge of the new technology revolution, organizations struggled to protect their data. To address this challenge, Ducara was founded as an Authorized Training Center of EC-Council with the aim to raise awareness about cybersecurity and equip professionals with the skills needed to safeguard sensitive information.


In a remarkable achievement, Ducara established a strong partnership with Mile2 in 2014, resulting in a diverse range of advanced cybersecurity certifications. Our skilled team and committed researchers collaboratively designed a cutting-edge online educational platform, catering exclusively to the esteemed US and UK markets. By 2014, we had trained over 1,000 security professionals globally, including prestigious police academies, and empowered 50+ leading IT companies through our corporate training initiatives.


In 2015, our collaboration with clients exposed us to a surge in cyber-attacks, prompting them to turn to us for vulnerability assessments and data protection. Recognizing an opportunity for a more significant impact, we extended our support to organizational consultation. This strategic shift enabled us to broaden our services substantially, offering advisory services, guidance, and support to enhance organizations’ cybersecurity strategies and operational resilience, all fueled by unwavering dedication.


By 2018, we had amassed a formidable arsenal of advanced technologies and cutting-edge tools, complemented by a highly skilled team. This enabled us to offer diverse cybersecurity services, including vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and compliance audits. Tailored for specific sectors such as Banking, Ministries, Education, Cloud Services, Manufacturing, and Healthcare across India, the United States, Middle East, Africa, and Asia, Ducara stood as a cybersecurity leader. We proudly served over 200 global clients, delivering outstanding results in this dynamic field.


In 2019, a client of ours expressed their concern that existing corporate training programs were not adequately addressing the evolving needs of the business market in the rapidly advancing technological era. In response to this demand for specialized and customized training, we took the initiative to launch our own cybersecurity programs. This decision was driven by the recognition of a high demand for tailored training programs that catered specifically to the intricacies of the cyber security field.


In 2020, our company, known for our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, found that our clients were increasingly seeking our expertise in finding the right product solutions to combat the escalating cyber-attack crisis they were facing. Understanding the critical nature of their needs, we embarked on a journey to establish partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).


Our focus was on delivering tailored solutions that aligned with our clients’ specific requirements. As a result, we became proud partners of esteemed security product and tool providers, offering a range of offerings such as threat detection and response, security assessments, network monitoring, endpoint protection, and other essential security services. This enabled us to equip our clients with the right tools and technologies necessary to safeguard their digital environments.


In 2022, we entered an exhilarating new phase, relocating to a more spacious office, growing our team, and embracing even loftier ambitions. This shift stemmed from our dedication to expansion and our steadfast confidence in our capabilities. With a larger workspace and an enhanced team, we stand prepared to pursue our ambitious goals with renewed energy and resolve. This transformation signifies our preparedness to tackle larger challenges and reach unparalleled levels of success.


Currently, our dedicated researchers focus on predicting future cyber-attacks and refining advanced security solutions for universal technology accessibility. By studying emerging trends and preempting threats, we aim to create a safer digital landscape, making technology accessible while minimizing cyber-attack risks. Our mission is to build a secure future for everyone by mitigating cyber threats tirelessly.

Grow with us

You build your mindset, and we provide you with the tools and space for learning, expanding the scope of your imagination and be a part of an inclusive culture.

What can you Learn at Ducara

A space where you can feel empowered about your passion

Staying focused on your goals and grow on an intellectual level, finding the purpose, accepting the diversity of every individual and work with them as a team, to learn how important the cyber security is and how we can face the up-coming challenges in the cyber world and learn with fondness to out worn the difficulties.

Things to do at Ducara

Learn, imagine and build with us

There are too many opportunities for you to be the best version of yourself by asking the creative questions to get creative and better answers. You can build your unique mindset, inspiring people to be the part of the change, and creating opportunity door for them.

Place build with ethics

Enjoy the virtue of compassion, honesty and loyalty

Being Ethical don’t mean “whatever society accepts” we are bound to do it, it is to “understand the right and wrong, and support it with consistent and accurate reason”. Our morals and beliefs align with one’s constant effort to evolve themselves and be honest and compassionate about themselves and the work they do.

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We are actively seeking individuals who share our deep passion for technology and are dedicated to the ongoing task of safeguarding our digitally impaired world. We are specifically looking for professionals who can confidently shoulder responsibility, confront challenges with transparency and impartiality, and continually enhance their skills in response to the diverse and ever-changing nature of our digital landscape.

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Our Credibility

With ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 27001: 2022, ISO 27701: 2019, we assure that we have standardized quality, effective Information Security Management System with a privacy extension that makes us more reliable and trustworthy for our services and project engagements.