Keep Your Data Secure: Proactive Protection, Zero Compromise

The extended poise of attackers and digital nemesis places significant emphasis on the business’s prevention competence.

According to the CrowdStrike Intelligence report, ransomware-related data leaks saw an 82% surge from 2020 to 2021. The engineering and manufacturing sectors experienced the highest number of
data leaks, closely followed by the technology sector. Approximately 2,686 data leak incidents occurred in 2021.

To ensure the safety of your sensitive information and stay compliant with regulations, organizations are turning to advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions. At Ducara, we fully understand the urgency of this need, and we take pride in offering state-of-the-art DLP solutions from top industry brands.


Guard Your Data with Precision: Empowering Compliance, Amplifying Security


Classify and Monitor Sensitive Data

Applying rules for detecting sensitive information and managing a compliant data security strategy, so that the organization can keep its sensitive data safe and secure.


Detect & Block Suspicious Activity

It monitors the data flow in your organization’s network and prevents it from going outside the network by being copied to USB drives or emails, or other means.


Automate Data Classification

Automated classification means collecting information related to data such as when it was created, where it is being stored, and when & how it is shared. This information is used by DLP to prevent sensitive information from being shared with unauthorized users.


Maintain Regulatory Compliance

DLP solutions provide you with the needed reporting capabilities to ensure compliance audits, data-retention plans, and essential training for your employees.


Monitor Data Access and Usage

It helps you to prevent data breaches and fraud by monitoring and controlling access to the data.


Improve Visibility and Control

It provides you visibility and control over sensitive data so that only authorized users have access to the organization’s information.


Explore the best fit for your business

Forcepoint DLP

Forcepoint DLP is a comprehensive data protection solution that helps organizations prevent data loss, comply with regulations, and protect intellectual property. Forcepoint DLP also leverages behavioral analytics and machine learning to detect and respond to insider threats and advanced attacks.

Symantec DLP

Symantec DLP is a leading data loss prevention solution that helps organizations discover, monitor, and protect sensitive data wherever it is stored or used. Symantec DLP also integrates with other Symantec products to provide a unified security platform that covers the entire data lifecycle.

Digital Guardian DLP

Digital Guardian DLP is a data-centric security solution that protects data from insider and
outsider threats. Digital Guardian DLP also offers flexible deployment options, including
agentless, agent-based, or hybrid models, to suit different business needs and environments.



Forcepoint DLP

Symantec DLP
Digital Guardian DLP

Data protection across cloud, endpoint, and network

Yes Yes Yes

Behavioral analytics and machine learning

Yes No Yes

Integration with other security products

Yes Yes Yes

Flexible deployment options

No No Yes

Risk-based policy enforcement

Yes No No

OCR and Drip DLP capabilities

Yes No No


Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions offer a robust defense against potential data breaches

The engineering sector relies on intricate designs, blueprints, and proprietary formulas, making data protection a top priority. DLP solutions can help engineering firms safeguard their intellectual property by monitoring and controlling data movement. By establishing comprehensive policies and rules, DLP can prevent sensitive information from leaving secure
networks, whether unintentionally or maliciously.

DLP solutions offer real-time visibility into data flows within the organization, enabling proactive identification of potential risks. By monitoring communication channels, endpoint devices, and cloud storage, DLP solutions can detect and prevent data exfiltration attempts, ensuring that sensitive manufacturing data remains within authorized boundaries.

Technology companies, be it software development firms, IT service providers, or hardware manufacturers, handle vast amounts of sensitive customer information. By implementing
content-aware scanning and encryption technologies, DLP solutions can safeguard data at rest, in transit, and during data processing, reducing the risk of data breaches.

The financial services industry faces stringent regulatory requirements, with a constant need to secure customer data, banking records, and financial transactions. By monitoring communication channels, such as email, messaging platforms, and file transfers, DLP solutions can detect and prevent data breaches in real-time.

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries handle sensitive patient data, medical records, research data, and intellectual property. By monitoring and controlling data flows, DLP solutions ensure compliance with privacy regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and
Accountability Act (HIPAA) and protect against insider threats, accidental data leaks, or cyberattacks.

DLP solutions help protect client confidentiality and prevent the loss or leakage of sensitive information. By monitoring data transfers, email communications, and document sharing, DLP solutions can identify potential security risks and ensure compliance with industry regulations like the American Bar Association (ABA) guidelines or the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

Government agencies and public sector organizations handle classified information, citizen records, and sensitive data related to national security. By implementing robust data monitoring and encryption measures, DLP solutions help prevent data leaks, identify potential insider threats, and ensure compliance with government regulations and data protection laws.

The retail and e-commerce industries handle customer data, payment information, and transaction records. DLP solutions can help prevent data breaches, protect customer privacy, and maintain regulatory compliance. By monitoring data flows across various channels, such as online platforms, point-of-sale systems, and payment gateways, DLP solutions can detect and prevent data exfiltration or unauthorized access attempts.

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