About Social27

Established in 2007, Social27 is a leading virtual event and online community platform provider, serving a large customer base globally and bringing the best part of in-person events to the virtual world with greater reach, accessibility, flexibility, and insights than ever before. The company grows with the aim of empowering organizations to deliver virtual events that connect people and build vibrant digital and hybrid communities worldwide. Content, networking, and sponsor showcasing are the three pillars of any successful event and these are the areas where Social27 Virtual Event Platform stands out among the rest.



As the company grew and its user base expanded, Social27 started facing challenges in –

  • The process of onboarding and granting access to new hires, took more than a week and involved many paper-based requests.
  • Managing user identities and securing access to its platform,
  • Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and privacy standards.



Most of the staff of Social27 were using several key line-of-business applications, which were third-party Software as a Service (SaaS) based apps such as Office 365, SharePoint, etc. Also, all of the functioning of the company is based on the cloud, which further increases the burden of managing identity across the different applications. So, Social27 wanted to merge all of their identification and authentication into one platform with some extra security that was uniform across applications.

The key objectives for the Social27 were –

  • Simplifying the onboarding process for its users and ensuring a seamless experience while maintaining security and access controls.
  • Protection of user data, prevent unauthorized access and mitigate the risk of security breaches.
  • A single solution for managing identities with the additional feature of single sign-on for all applications and security features like multi-factor authentication.
  • Achieve compliance with the relevant industry regulations and privacy standards.



Social27 collaborated with Ducara Info Solution to implement the IAM solution. Ducara, known for its expertise in providing the industry’s best solutions, offers a diverse range of industry-leading Identity and Access Management solutions including Symantec IAM, JumpCloud, CyberRes NetIQ, IBM Security Verify, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and Okta Workforce Identity. As the client is using the Azure platform and Office365, our obvious choice for an IAM solution was the Azure Active Directory. Also, Azure Active Directory was our first choice because of the features it offered such as app integration and single sign-on, multifactor authentication, conditional access, privileged identity management, etc.

To implement Azure Active Directory at Social27, our team of experts conducted a thorough assessment to understand Social27’s existing IAM practices. After that, the Azure AD was implemented and configured according to Social27’s requirements, including user provisioning workflows, access control policies, and security configurations.

Also, the Azure Active Directory was seamlessly integrated with Social27’s existing applications, enabling a unified user experience and centralized access management. Moreover, as an additional level of security, Multi-Factor Authentication was set up.

Once the setup and configuration process was done, our experts performed comprehensive testing to verify the functionality and performance of the implemented solution and ensure that it met the client’s objective.

We also provided extensive training to Social27’s IT team on the usage and management of the Azure Active Directory, ensuring smooth user onboarding and ongoing support. Ongoing support was also provided to address any queries or issues.



The implementation of the IAM solution enabled Social27 to streamline user onboarding processes, reducing manual efforts and providing a seamless experience for their users. The IAM solution improved the security posture of Social27’s platform, offering robust authentication and access control mechanisms to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access. Social27 achieved improved compliance readiness through the implementation of proper access controls, auditing capabilities, and adherence to privacy regulations.


“What I appreciate the most about Ducara is their first-class support and the services provided above and beyond the scope of the contract.” Pankaj, IT Head, Social27.