About Kalaam Telecom

Kalaam Telecom is a prominent telecommunications provider based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It is a leading provider of ICT services and connectivity solutions, serving small and medium enterprises, telecom carriers, and wholesale telecom businesses. Being in the industry for over 16 years, Kalaam pioneered ISP solutions, connectivity, and digital transformation. It offers services in countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, and the UK.

Kalaam offers a portfolio of advanced digital solutions that are customized to the requirements of customers of all sizes in the prime markets and verticals across the region, including government, BFSI, hospitality, education, retail, healthcare, and more.



With an expanding network infrastructure and a growing customer base, the company was increasingly exposed to cyber threats. The challenge was to identify missing security controls and identify and address potential vulnerabilities in their systems to ensure the security of their network and customer data.

The client’s prime requirement at the time they consulted Ducara was a thorough assessment of its infrastructure to safeguard its private/personal information, identify potential vulnerabilities, and a detailed remediation plan to address any security vulnerabilities.



Recognizing the need for a robust cybersecurity strategy, Kalaam Telecom wanted to conduct a comprehensive vulnerability assessment with the objective –

  • To make sure that its web application was free from technical bugs or design flaws while simultaneously offering a seamless experience to its customers.
  • To identify, quantify, and prioritize vulnerabilities in their systems, enabling them to effectively allocate resources for remediation and risk management.
  • To ensure that the customer data was handled and stored by the web application and its underlying servers in accordance with the most recent standards.

To achieve this objective, Kalaam Telecom partnered with Ducara Info Solutions, a leading cybersecurity firm known for its expertise in vulnerability assessment and management.



Ducara’s experts incorporated a unique vulnerability assessment methodology to conduct a thorough vulnerability assessment of Kalaam’s web application. Some of the key points of our vulnerability assessment include:

  • Our team of experts started by gathering information related to the target and developed a functional Mapping of the entire website with intensive details of the URLs.
  • Then a manual and automated scan was conducted by Ducara’s team of experts by using various open-source (like Metasploit, Nmap, etc.) and commercial advanced scanning tools (like Acunetix, Nessus, etc.) to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
  • To avoid false positives, our team of experts manually verified each of the identified potential vulnerabilities.
  • For better impact analysis, our experts established a correlation for each of the identified vulnerabilities and evaluated the potential risks associated with each vulnerability, considering factors such as the likelihood of exploitation, the potential impact on the business, and the cost of mitigation. This assessment helped Kalaam Telecom prioritize its remediation efforts.
  • At last we documented a detailed report of the identified vulnerabilities, their potential impact, and recommended mitigation strategies, and provided this report to the client. The report also included a prioritized action plan for addressing the vulnerabilities.
  • We also conducted security awareness training for the client to make them aware of common security vulnerabilities and measures that help them mitigate security risks.


“Ducara’s expert team helps us to have a better understanding of our current state, what threats exist, and what solutions are best as per our requirements,” says the Kalaam Telecom IT representative.



The vulnerability assessment conducted by Ducara Info Solutions significantly enhanced Kalaam Telecom’s cybersecurity infrastructure. It not only helped identify potential threats but also provided a roadmap for continuous security improvement.

In conclusion, the partnership with Ducara Info Solutions enabled Kalaam Telecom to overcome high-risk vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive vulnerability assessment provided our client with valuable insights into its security posture, enabling it to proactively address vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.