Our Web-Application Security Testing Service identifies technical and business logic vulnerabilities in your websites while providing you with detailed instructions and concrete recommendations.

Integrated proprietary, open-source and commercial tools

We create an in-depth map of your web-application business-logic and workflow

Access to our real-time security dashboard to track your projects, issues and fixes.

Identifies both technical (OWASP Top 10, WASC 25, etc.) and business logic vulnerabilities

Our reports provide step-by-step POCs and detailed fix information with code and config examples

Intelligent automated testing engine selects the ideal combination of tools based on internal benchmarks

The website security audit services will enable your organization to prevent breaches and downtime by protecting your data in the web applications.

Security against various web attacks, DDoS & site scraping

Assess the web applications for vulnerabilities

Protecting data against unauthorized access/exposure

Understand the security of apps handling critical data

Our Reports

Our custom developed reports provide application specific details along with step-by-step fix information, code and configuration examples.

Some unique aspects of our reports are:

  • Custom developed by experts specifically for your application infrastructure.
  • Multiple fixes and workarounds to help you find the best possible solution.
  • Detailed fix information with source-code and configuration details for your development language and platform.

Download Our Sample Reports.