Our comprehensive Cyber Security Program educates your retail and commercial e-Banking employees about phishing, malware, ACH and wire fraud, and more.

Ducara offers Bank Information Security Training for retail and commercial bank customers and employees at all levels. Take pro-active steps towards increasing the security of your systems, and spreading knowledge about the proper way to use modern technology and the Internet. Your customers and employees will appreciate your efforts at training and educating them, and you will be visibly demonstrating compliance.

Our Bank Information Security Training focuses on both basic principles, and best practices. It covers Password, Email, Social Networks, Mobile Usage, Privacy, Malware, responsible use of the Internet at work, Identity Theft, Phishing, Access Control, Cloud Computing, and more. Confidently choose Ducara for Bank Information Security Training .

Bank Information Security Training for bank customers and employees can play a major role in building a culture of security within a bank, and can contribute to a bank's data loss prevention plan. Our modules aim at reinforcing good online practices, and changing behavior, which promotes bad online practices. Ducara has been successful in helping many banks to implement our highly focused Bank Information Security Training.

Meet with our experts and get an introduction to our special packages on bank information security training program. We will prove to you, how our methods of delivering knowledge, and bank information security training programs can offer you the added security you need. We will share with you the technologies which maximize compliance with data privacy regulations, and provide the highest levels of protection, against all types of data breaches.

Some of our Bank Information Security Training program include –

Open Banking & Other Risk Challenges for Banks

Bank Info Security Awareness

Data encryption, advanced authentication, digital signing

Compliance and Risk Management

Cybercrime Investigations

Fraud Prevention for Banks

Block Chain as a Tool for Fraud Prevention

Kaspersky Lab's New Focus on Fraud Prevention

Social Engineering Training for Bank Customers and Employees

How to Improve Detection of Malicious Payloads?

An Approach for Application Security Testing

Security to protect Aadhaar-related data

GDPR Foundation and Practitioner

Data Protection and Destruction

News jacking-Based Phishing

Available Training Modes-

Instructor Led Training

Classroom Training

Online or E-Learning Training

Video Based Training

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