Employeesare the Weakest Link in the Security for many Organization. We can identify the potential holes in your “human network” to prevent breaches and strengthen your company’s security and compliance posture.

A social engineering audit looks for internal data or security breaches.

Social engineering has emerged as one of the most successful attack vectors in recent times. Advances in IT security have made it increasingly difficult to hack into a well-guarded enterprise.A social engineering attack, targeting the human factor, is typically carried out by an external assailant who deliberately manipulates an employee’s good intentions (i.e. their willingness to assist) or general curiosity, such as enticing them to click on a link in an email to a malicious website.

Common tactics used by social engineers include:

  • Tailgating
  • Pretexting
  • Phishing
  • Baiting

Ducara welcomes the opportunity to discuss and design a customized social engineering review that will assess your organizations ability to defend itself against this type of attack method. Addressing the human factors in cyber security that affect your organization can improve overall cyber resilience.

Social Engineering Testing Key Benefits:

  • Stronger defense : We help educate employees to reduce your vulnerabilities.
  • Vigilant employees: We train your employees making them defenders too, reducing your risks.
  • Meet compliance: By changing employee behavior you also meet compliance requirements.