Why is SAP Auditing important?

Corporate data is critical and SAP systems have to be protected against any security lapse. These are vulnerable to multiple types of attacks both from within and outside the organization. The sad part is that owners are not mostly aware of the attacks and security patches are too complex to be implemented singularly.

Critical business functions are often automated and streamlined with SAP systems. An increasing reliance on such can compromise efficiency. Sensitive information such as customer data, intellectual property, employee information, personnel data and business functions should not be left open for attacks.

Don’t let your organization be a target for fraudsters, corporate espionage and sabotage!

Security Leaks can Cause Significant Damage

Security concerns are mainly classified into 3 areas:

  • Segregation of duties
  • Information vulnerability management
  • Source code scanning

Conventional security solutions often fall short for providing the relevant solutions to these issues. In order to protect your SAP systems, you have to ascertain what it to be protected first. It is here that

SAP security assessment helps you determine the focus areas and prevent mission critical SAP assets against cyber-attacks.

The website security audit services will enable your organization to prevent breaches and downtime by protecting your data in the web applications.

What We Do?

SAP Vulnerability Assessment

We identify network issues, services vulnerabilities and much more in the SAP system.

SAP Penetration Testing

We exploit the loopholes in safe environment to determine your company’s security posture.

SAP Custom Source Code Audit

Your current source code is checked and assessed from an open perspective.

SAP Server Assessment

Server installations are put to test with comparison of industry’s best security practices.

SAP Database Security Assessment

Key components of your organization’s mission critical database functions is assessed.

SAP Network Security Assessment

We identify network issues, services vulnerabilities and much more in the SAP system.

Our Reports

Upon completion you will be issued a report containing.

  • List of Vulnerabilities and Misconfigurations found.
  • Real attack vectors describing how your systems can be exploited.
  • Business Risks related to the exploitation of those vulnerabilities.
  • Detailed recommendations for Vulnerability Patching.
  • Security Guidelines for General System Configuration.

Ducara has conducted research into SAP security and has been publicly acknowledged for identifying new vulnerabilities by SAP on their web site and within various SAP security notes. We have successfully conducted numerous SAP security tests for prominent Australian organizations in the public and private sectors.