As the world grows steadily more interconnected through the power of technology, the opportunities and risks posed by the digital economy grow in tandem. The UN and Europol estimate that in 2016, the global cybercrime industry overtook the global illicit drug trade to be worth $445bn. Organised crime has changed its behaviour to take advantage of the shift to a data-driven economy, but how are enterprises of all sizes responding to the cyber challenges of this new reality?

Cyber Security: Ducara Research and Innovation, the new global research team, sets out to answer this question.

Our goal is to better understand the link between strong cyber security and business decision-making, growth and innovation.

Ducara Cyber Security Research and Innovation

Ducara’s Cyber Security Research and Innovation develops innovative technologies and methodologies for securing cyberspace in India and beyond. The initiative is a platform to work together to foster R&D to evolve transformative solutions and address critical cyber security challenges, through partnerships among academics, Industry and Govt.

Broad Research Areas -

Computer Network/Web Application Security

Security in Middleware, Interface and Interaction

Data encryption, advanced authentication, digital signing

Data Capturing devices and Security

Wireless & Sensor Network Security

Fraud Prevention for Banks

Law, Legal and
Ethical issues

Secure Protocols, Coding and Development

Web Services, Internet Banking, E-Booking

Security Principles, Theory and Analysis

Security Enforcing Function (SEF) Gateways

Firewalls & Spam identification and protection

Protection of Business Information Systems

Security in e-Government and Electoral Systems

HoneyPots and
Honey Nets

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