Our Audit on Demand is a time-limited, fixed price app security service, using only our top researchers, who are trusted, verified, and vetted. If you are looking for a focused penetration test or vulnerability assessment, where you get an actionable report for your team and clients.We provide on-demand security audit service to combine security with better flexibility.

Our penetration testing service are always focused to provide unparalleled security audits but with our on-demand model we can now deliver audits with an even faster turn-around-time by directly responding to your requirements without interruption of legal and other documentation processes which are the most common reason behind delays.

Ensuring that your organization stays risk-free is our utmost priority but achieving this without compromising on the industrial top-notch auditing compliance models makes our approach truly exceptional. We make sure that our security auditing models stay up to the industrial mark to deliver out-of-the-box auditing reports.

How do we deliver an on-demand security audit?

Requirement definition

We work with you to understand your applications, release cycles and identify an estimate of audits to be conducted.

TATs and expectations

Based on your unique requirements and timelines we will define TATs, responsibilities and expectations.

Regular Updates

The status of each project will be regularly provided on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

SDLC Integration

The audit process can be integrated and built into your SDLC. This ensures that each build goes through security approval prior to release.


Our team will deliver the required services based on the defined TATs. This may mean 10 audits one month or 25 the next.

Fixed billing model

Based on an application review, we will create an average pricing per application which is applied irrelevant of the size of the application.

24/7 IP Space and Website Malware Monitoring

Our intelligent monitoring engine identifies any and all malware on your website and network IP

Monthly Log Review

We conduct a monthly log review for attacks and ensure that the security controls in-place are effective.

Quarterly Review

Every quarter we will sit down with your team and review the audits that have been conducted, action items, re-testing status and so on.

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Our Reports

Our Audit deliverables are a thorough review of the application subject for review according to OWASP best practices for security, and a final summary report describing the audit, the findings and recommendations.