Just like other criminals, cybercriminals are “exploiters of opportunity.” Having a security vulnerability management performed gives you visibility into the areas of your network. It also assigns a level of severity to each vulnerability found, further defining its level of risk to your core network, end-points and confidential data. In a nutshell, it quickly and effectively provides the actionable intelligence needed to focus your limited resources on security issues with the highest organizational impact.

Ducara approaches every vulnerability assessment as unique to every organization. Each assessment is based on a clearly defined client-provider set of engagement rules to quickly and accurately identify gaps and vulnerabilities on your network using a proprietary remote testing appliance.

Comprehensive Security Assessments

Implementing both internal and external vulnerability tests, ensures you get a more complete picture of your organization’s overall cyber risk. Most organizations tend to focus on threats that come from outside their network. But internal network threats are equally as dangerous and usually harder to identify.

Internal Testing

determines what vulnerabilities exist for systems that are accessible to authorized network connections (or user login IDs) that reside within the network domain of your organization.

External Testing

helps identify vulnerabilities that are present for connections that have been established through your organization’s connection to the Internet.

Our Reports

Using a combination of automated and manual scanning with custom scripts and applications based on our Global Threat Intelligence network, you are provided with a customized and actionable report for nontechnical and technical audiences.

Download Our Sample Reports.