Gain confidence that your Internet of Things devices and data are secure.

Smart cars. Smart security cameras. Smart medical implants. Even smart egg tray in your smart fridge. Everything around you are always connected and communicating, swapping data with other devices and uploading it to the global internet to help your automobile, home, factory, business, and body perform better. It's hard to argue IoT's popularity and pervasiveness—or its value.

But as these devices become more integral to our lives, the need to secure them grows at pace. Many are susceptible to vulnerabilities, yet, despite this, security teams often can't dedicate either the time or the expertise to secure connected devices on their own.

Ducara’s IoT Security Services

Whether you’re creating a new IoT product or deploying an IoT solution, our experienced and skilled consultants will help you identify risk and vulnerabilities and apply solutions to mitigate security issues across your IoT ecosystem.

  • Threat modeling
  • Device design consulting
  • IoT penetration testing
  • Hardware testing
  • Protocol testing
  • Firmware Analysis
  • Incident Response

During IoT Penetration testing we follow the OWASP Internet of Things Project. The OWASP Internet of Things Project is designed to help manufacturers, developers, and consumers better understand the security issues associated with the Internet of Things, and to enable users in any context to make better security decisions when building, deploying, or assessing IoT technologies. It mainly focuses on –

  • Insecure Web Interface
  • Insufficient Authentication/Authorization
  • Insecure Network Services
  • Lack of Transport Encryption
  • Privacy Concerns
  • Insecure Cloud Interface
  • Insecure Mobile Interface
  • Insufficient Security Configurability
  • Insecure Software/Firmware
  • Poor Physical Security

Our team of experts is ready to identify and mitigate risk across your IoT ecosystem.