‘Earn while you Learn’

The Information Security Internship Program provides real-world information security experience to cybersecurity students. We also provide placement opportunities with external employers.

About The Internship

We are looking for students who are willing to commit to a three-year internship. Students who are selected for the program will:

Begin in the summer between the first and second year of coursework, and continue through graduation.

Learn about our information security program and gain operational experience during the first year.

Get paid for skills and knowledge while working a flexible schedule.

Participate in vendor meetings, local security organization networking and other operational opportunities throughout the year.

Work with the Ducara Security Operations team 4 hours per day during summer, fall and spring semesters.

Work on assignments and help to research emerging opportunities that will further develop the information security program.

What You'll Learn

Security Operations/Incident Response

  • Security incident response
  • Firewall and network security configuration
  • Intrusion detection
  • Log monitoring

Endpoint Security

  • Antivirus and systems protection
  • Encryption management
  • Vulnerability management processes

Risk and Governance

  • Information security frameworks
  • Security assessments
  • Training and awareness programs
  • Legal and compliance issues facing security professionals

Identity and Access Management

  • Identity, roles and access provisioning
  • Business analysis and systems design
  • Authentication systems management
  • Multi-factor authentication engineering

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