We live in an increasingly digital world and keeping organizations secure in this environment is more demanding than ever before. IT infrastructures have not been built to support this rapid transformation. In the race to provide more types of features and faster access to consumers, there are often gaps in code that can lead to vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities and attacks seem to be coming out of nowhere and they need to be prevented.

Identify risks and vulnerabilities to the sensitive internal resources and organizational data assets against those without authorization from an insider perspective.

Our insider threat assessment determines where your organization is susceptible to insider threat and proposes solutions that reduce your organization’s risk exposure to IP theft, Information Technology (IT) sabotage and fraud.

Ducara’s Insider Threat Assessment team examines your organization’s mission, assets, information technology, business processes, workforce and management of human behavior issues to determine where its vulnerabilities lie. Vulnerabilities may arise from your information systems, business processes and many other domains. We work with information technology, management, human resources, contracting, procurement, general counsel, security and other functional teams in your organization to identify vulnerabilities and find solutions that will work for your organization.

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) is a threat in the form of a highly skilled motivated attacker with determined objectives to cause Intellectual property, reputation and financial and data loss for the targeted organization. To pursue its objective APT operates over an extensive period of time on the targeted organizations environment by resisting its sophisticated security mechanisms.

Ducara’s APT Assessment helps in identifying, containing and eradicating these sophisticated threats from your environment. We also help organizations in identifying the missing controls and provide them support to build necessary defensive controls and expertise against such attacks in future.