Determine the facts – quickly and effectively – when you suspect internal control lapses, money laundering, kick-back schemes, bribery and fraud, licensing violations, theft of intellectual property or civil rights violations.

We help our clients uncover the truth. What happened? Who was involved? How was the crime conceived, carried out and concealed? When did key events occur? Where were the failures in management, supervision or governance? And what strategic, tactical and fundamental steps should be taken – immediately and over time – to close windows of vulnerability?

By integrating specialized expertise in financial crimes investigation, compliance, law enforcement, forensic analysis, data analytics and cyber investigations, Ducara assists corporations, boards of directors and management in managing and mitigating exposure to these risks and preventing outcomes that could result in financial, reputational or regulatory damage to reputation and shareholder value.

How we can help?

We employ rigorous fact-finding and analytical techniques to identify, assess and manage organizational risks, threats and vulnerabilities confronting your business.

Our investigation services include:

  • Rapid response fraud investigation
  • Investigation into accounting irregularities and financial misstatements
  • Corruption and bribery investigations
  • Regulatory investigations (including Skilled Person assignments)
  • Asset tracking and recovery
  • Investigations linked to contentious insolvency matters
  • Quantification of loss
  • Background checks and desktop reviews
  • Specialist advice to the board on next steps