Employee compliance training is an essential prerequisite to any organization’s risk management, governance and compliance initiatives. Ensuring that employees understand and adhere to the laws, regulations and internal corporate policies that apply to their daily roles is essential to ensuring that compliance regulations are met in the workplace.

Many legal problems originate from employees acting improperly out of ignorance, misunderstanding, or a blatant disrespect of the laws, regulations, and policies that govern their daily job responsibilities. Many of these problems can be avoided — or at least mitigated — through compliance training.

Our compliance training help employees recognize and deal with real-world issues. Customized courses cover topics such as anti-money laundering, diversity, sensitivity, and HIPAA.Our compliance training coursesare designed to help your organization rapidly elevate individual employee knowledge about their role in cyber security risks and threats, and drive key behavioral changes that will help your organization become more “cyber secure.”

The key objectives of our online compliance learning are to:

  • Ensure that employees are aware of their compliance responsibilities
  • Mitigate the risk of compliance breaches
  • Encourage a better workplace culture
  • Remove legal liability from the organization in the event of wrongdoing
  • Protect the organization’s reputation

The Changing Landscape of Compliance Training

Establishing a compliance training culture in today’s environment means dealing with ever-changing regulatory requirements, greater scrutiny from regulatory bodies, an increasingly mobile workforce, and shrinking developmental budgets.
With regulators citing lack of training and understanding as reasons behind compliance failings, organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver accurate, engaging, and cost-effective training, while also demonstrating understanding and completion. Our security courses ensure all staff receive the education they need to mitigate your risk of a breach and avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Our Cyber Security Compliance Training Program includes –

IT Security and Privacy Awareness Compliance Training

Responsible Use of Social Media in Healthcare

GDPR Foundation and

Ethics in the Workplace


Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

Healthcare Compliance

Sexual Harassment


Available Training Modes -

Instructor Led Training

Classroom Training

Online Or E-Learning Training

Video Based Training

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