Cloud services are growing in popularity; however, such innovation is itself based on the concept that services are provided independent of the need to see and understand the processes behind them.

Cloud therefore throws a whole range of unique security concerns into the mix.

While Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud service providers are becoming common, and the services are being embraced by business, the rules about security are not always clear.

Service providers often believe that the customer is responsible for implementing security prior to deploying the solution. Customers may believe that security is an included and integral part of the Cloud solution they are purchasing, however this may not be the case.

The goal of Cloud Security Audit is to provide cloud service providers with a way to make their performance and security data readily available for potential customers. The specification provides a standard way to present and share detailed, automated statistics about performance and security.

When data and services are managed by a third party, cloud solutions present a unique security and governance challenge.

Ducara can assist in navigating the cloud security environment. We can assess your cloud provider for key security elements such as data segmentation, regulatory practices and compliance. We can customize these queries to accommodate known issues based on a wealth of security experience, and tailor this to include your organization’s specific requirements or compliance commitments. Ducara can assess the maturity of your in-place cloud solution to ensure that your cloud provider is performing in line with your expectations.