For roughly a century, our Indian military has fought on land, by sea and in the air. For the most part, the domains have been tangible and the boundaries defined. Now a new domain is emerging: cyber warfare. And although online operations overlap the traditional physical arena, the cyber domain is mostly intangible, with battles waged over networks with no obvious borders and against faceless foes.

With the cyber security threat landscape changing rapidly, collaboration is required at national, regional and, global level to tackle it. The Armed Forces are in the process of putting in place the capabilities and the systems in India that will enable us to deal with this anarchic new world of constant and undeclared cyber threat, attack, counter-attack and defense.

To meet the threats and operational demands of this unfamiliar territory, the military is embracing new models and agendas for training its troops.

We are fully committed to working with the Government, Policy Makers & Individuals to ensure a Positive Impact on Reducing Cyber Crimes & Attacks. Each of our courses are taught by qualified personnel with experience of working within the respective area in cyber security. Outside of teaching the courses they are fully engaged in their fields of expertise, using the techniques you will learn whilst developing their skills in line with an ever-evolving industry. They will give you real world insights into the roles you can be expected to go into and are well connected within cyber security networks.

The Offensive Cyber Security practice is commonly referred to as conducting a 'pen test' or ‘penetration testing’. This is a controlled form of hacking that you will learn to conduct. You will understand how to find vulnerabilities within the networks to identify weaknesses that criminals could exploit. A career as a penetration tester is most definitely an exciting one. It can be challenging at times but is tremendously rewarding.

Courses are available for military, ex-military or those currently in the process of leaving the military.

Our courses covering –

Cyber Protection methodologies

Computer Forensics and Malware Analysis

Cyber Security Fundamentals

Network Traffic Analysis

Mobile Forensics

Cyber Law Awareness

Network, Web and Mobile Security Audit

Cyber Threat Mitigation and Detection

Intelligence Support and Cyber Response Assessment

Incident Response platform used around the world

Network and Mobile Surveillance

Penetration Testing and Hacking Methodology

Information Gathering



Exploitation Techniques


Post exploitation

Password Cracking

Social Engineering

Red teaming

Blue teaming

Compliance Standards

Current Industry work experience and Interview Preparation

Advanced leadership techniques in offensive and defensive cyberspace operations

The best part about our programs is the way that you get hands-on functional Training on live undertakings. It covers a wide assortment of subjects, beginning appropriate from the nuts and bolts, and then leading up to compliance standards, forensics, and cybercrime investigations.

The cyberspace domain is one of the most critical areas of national defense. It is a field that requires the most highly trained, professional, and knowledgeable Soldiers available.

Our cyber security courses are aimed at former and transitioning Armed Forces personnel who are looking to work within cyber security. You don’t have to have advanced technical skills to take part in these courses. We request that applicants:

  • Are IT literate with Windows experience.
  • Have a desire to learn about security technologies.

Available Training Modes-

Instructor Led Training

Classroom Training

Online or E-Learning Training

Video Based Training

If you would like to begin your first step into this exciting career path, please apply or request more information from one of our experts. For any query you can e-mail us at

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