SEC compliance is adherence to the rules and regulations that the Securities and Exchange Commission makes and enforces. Those who must comply with these standards work or operate in the securities industry, including brokers, investment advisers and companies, municipal advisers, mutual funds, and the members or participants of Systems Compliance and Integrity entities who receive information about certain events. The government agency carefully monitors the actions of these professionals at the civil, criminal, federal, regulatory, self-regulatory and state levels.

SEC regulations are very demanding, strict and thorough. It can be daunting to comply with all of the banned activities, financial statement requirements, mandated actions, new regulations and rules, procedural and technical filing conditions, published guidance and unofficial interpretations. However, the purpose of the SEC is to protect investors from fraud, to facilitate the formation of capital that is required to support economic growth and to ensure that the securities markets remain efficient, fair and orderly.

Ducara helps to conduct audits of investment advisers and firms to ensure that they comply with its laws and regulations. This is a routine event, and it is considered inevitable to occur. Since a negative audit could lead to consumer mistrust, a deficiency letter, sanctions or other disciplinary action, it is vital for investment advisers and firms to remain compliant in their everyday operations.We will also help them identify weaknesses in their compliance system and allow them to fix problems before the SEC audit.